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I am enough

Who I am is enough

What I have done is enough

What I do is enough

I will keep showing up for myself.

I will keep investing in myself

I will keep believing in myself

I am proud of the person I am becoming

I honor my journey and where I am today.

I am always evolving, changing and growing.

I am at peace with myself knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be in life.

Moving forward, I am only choosing what is best for me.

What I prayed for is making its way to me.

I am always filled with gratitude.

I matter. I love myself. I am worthy. I am valuable. I have great purpose.

I am growing. I am evolving. I am healing.

I create my own happiness.

No one has the key to my happiness.

Only I hold that key.

I am grateful for who I am becoming. I am worthy of everything I desire.

Positive self-talk insures my state of self-love and self-transformation.

I make a difference in the world simply by being here.

I have a gift to give to the world. I will remain consistent in my purpose.

What I focus on expands. I choose to focus my energy on the positive.

I focus my energy on the things I have, which I am grateful for.

The more grateful I am, the more things I have, to be grateful for.

I am entering a season of pure abundance and pure love.

Everything always works out in my favor.

I put down all that is weighing me down and lift what is serving me.

I wake up every morning feeling so incredibly grateful and blessed for my day ahead. Grateful I am healthy and well.

I give myself permission to feel sad when I need to. To feel upset when I need to; to grief when I need to. I give myself permission to feel all emotions and to know

that it is ok not to be positive all the time. I give myself permission to cry when I need to. It doesn’t take anything away from me to be sad. Its good to release emotions. I also give myself permission to be happy again.

I am healing in all aspects of my life.

My body and mind are strong and healthy.

My immune system is protecting me.

I am alive and I am grateful for it.

More good things will flow into my life as I continue to practice self-love and self-care!

I deserve abundance. I deserve nice things. I deserve love.

I deserve romance. I deserve to be happy. I am open and ready to receive it all and more!

If something doesn’t work out for me, I will remind myself that I am not being rejected but rather I am being redirected to something better.

If something is meant for me, I rest assure that it will not pass me.

I am calm and relaxed knowing that my life is in a perfect flow.

My healing is already in progress.

I choose how I think.

I choose what I think

I am fully in charge of my mind

I choose to think of thoughts that are of love, peace, joy and kindness, toward myself and others.

I entertain the thought of everything always working out for me

I am open and ready to receive my blessings.

My mind is a magnet.

When I think of blessings, I attract more blessings.

And when I think of problems, I attract more problems.

I choose to always cultivate thoughts that are good for my mental health.

I will remain positive knowing that I only receive what I think.

By thinking positive thoughts, I am creating a positive and a happy life for myself.

I am releasing all outdated beliefs, patterns and thoughts.

Out with the old and I welcome my new experiences.

I am consciously choosing my new beliefs and thoughts.

I will no longer be a subject unconscious thinking.

I am willingly and openly letting go of any energy that is no longer serving me.

I love myself to know what I deserve.


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I was always searching for something, and I genuinely thought it could only be found outside myself. It never occurred to me that I could find it inside. You see, I was never taught the fundamental importance of loving oneself. My parents couldn’t teach me this because they were never taught it themselves. More about me

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